NOV 9 - DEC 16

Our adult beginner sessions are designed to be an introduction to dance technique for adults with little to no dance experience.


These sessions allow you to develop each technique every week in a supportive environment. Ready to get moving?

Develop the strength and elegance of a ballet dancer, while learning basic technique.

 A high energy class including a warm up, progressions, across the floor and finishing with a short combination. 


 Learn fundamental concepts and practices of modern dance technique: body alignment, stretch/strengthening, movement vocabulary, body coordination, musicality and spacial awareness.

This class is designed for those who are familiar with the fundamentals of modern technique.


It is recommended that you participate in  beginner modern in preparation for beg/int modern. 

“Move” an hour long improv based class to deepen the mind body connection.


Based in contemporary dance, Move explores  imagery through different textures and improv styles.


No dance experience required. This is a drop-in based class.

 A high energy class including a warm up, progressions, across the floor and finishing with a short combination. 

No refunds granted and non-transferrable

You are allowed to have up to two make up classes per session. This may be made up in any beginner session. 

Makeup classes expire at the end of the session. Makeup classes are only valid for the 6-week period in which the client is registered.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to do the full 6 weeks of the session, or can I drop in to classes?

Our 6 week sessions are designed to build on techinque and knowledge in each class. Due to this, you must sign up for the full session.

Can I try the class before commiting to the session?

You are always welcome to stop by the studio and watch class through the windows. The only beginner session we currently allow drop ins for is our Gaga/people class.

If I miss a class am I able to make it up?

Yes! Beginner session clients are allowed two make up classes per session, that can be made up in any other beginner level class.

Makeup classes expire at the end of the session.

Makeup classes are only valid for the 8-week period in which the client is registered.

Is there a dress code for these classes? I'm not sure what to wear!

Don't worry, there is no dress code for the beggining sessions! We want you to feel comfortable and confident in class, so wear something comfortable that you are able to move in. We also understand that dance shoes are expensive! For ballet, modern. jazz, and Gaga/ people socks or bare feet works perfectly! For Hip Hop, clean sneakers are a great option!

Once purchasing a session, am I able to jump around between the different classes?

No, when purchashing a session you are purchasing 8 weeks for that particular class. So, if you enroll for the 8 Week Beginner Ballet Session, you must take all 8 weeks in ballet. You can't, for example, take 2 Beginner Ballet classes, 2 Beginner Jazz classes, one Beginner Hip Hop etc. You are however allowed up to 2 make up classes. These makeup classes can be taken in other generes than what you origanlly signed up for.

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