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(Dominican Republic)  began his dance studies in 2007 at the BalleTeatro Dominicano Academy, due to his academic performance, talent and discipline, he received a scholarship and in 2010 he became part of the Youth Dance Company of BalleTeatro Dominicano where he stood out as a solo dancer and was invited participate in productions of the Dominican National Ballet.  

Joel has had the opportunity to take classes in ballet, neoclassical, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, among others with outstanding national and international teachers within which include: Herve Palito, Roberto López, Franklin Gamero, Ximena Quintana, Gentian Doda, Carla Fauchard, Cecile Claus, Margaux Gallo, Evelyn Mateo, Daonil Vargas, Natasha Marcano, Armando González, Carlos Veitia, Silvia Crespo, Dieufel Lamisere, Derek Yanford, Diego Arvelo, Krista Duncan, Wilbert Beltre, Francisco Centeno, among others.

From 2015 to 2018 he a member of Ballet Concierto Dominicano Dance Company and in 2018 he became joined Dominican National Ballet. With the National Company he had the opportunity to dance important roles in national productions and international tours including VIII International Festival of Cali, Colombia (2014), Tour of the National Ballet in Mexico with the production "gua ar iu filin" directed and choreographed by Maestro Francisco Centeno (2016),  International Ballet Festival of Miami (2018-2019). He has participated in the Festival of Contemporary Dance of the Dominican Republic "Edanco" as an interpreter and as choreographer (2010-2019).

Joel has won awards and competitions including 1st place in the neoclassical, jazz and hip hop categories at the Young Dance Festival from the Dominican Republic with the delegation of the BalleTeatro Dominicano (2010-2014), Championship Series Winner for Best Solo (2015), 1st place National Dance Championship to represent the country in USASF The Dance Worlds with the delegation of the BalleTeatro Dominicano (2015), Paul Seaquist Award where he was awarded an International Scholarship, Saratoga Spring New York, Saratoga Summer Dance Intensive SSDI, and Vail Valley Dance Intensive VVDI (2016).

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