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Sofia first discovered her passion for dance at the age of 10 after attending classes at a small competition studio in Chicago. It was there that she was first exposed to the world of performing and competing. Alongside attending multiple successful competitions, she trained in jazz, lyrical, hip hop, and ballet. After her first 3 years of competing and training, she realized that dance was something she wanted for her life and her future. To expand her horizons and begin to pursue dance more extensively, Sofia attended a summer intensive as well as classes at Visceral Dance Center. Very quickly after being introduced to Visceral that summer, she completely fell in love with the artistic and emotional value of the training offered, and was so honored to be able to join the Studio Company that summer at the age of 13. 


It is on the Studio Company that Sofia has been able to feed her passion for dance and discover her immense love for the creative process and exploration of the art form. At Visceral, Sofia has been able to train intensely and dive into a multitude of dance disciplines such as contemporary, ballet/pointe, improvisation, jazz, and modern. She has also been able to perform and compete at a large number of festivals, showcases, and competitions throughout her time at Visceral.


Now entering her 5th year with the Studio Company, Sofia has been fortunate enough to deepen her artistry and fulfill her passion further through various summer programs such as The School at Jacob's Pillow (Contemporary Program), Flockworks Summer Workshop, MOVENYC’s S.W.E.A.T program, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, BODYTRAFFIC, and more. Sofia is so grateful and excited to begin another year with VSC and would like to thank Nick Pupillo for continuously allowing her to grow and expand throughout such a truly special past 4 years. 

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