Sofia discovered her passion for dance 4 years ago after walking by a neighborhood dance studio and dropping in for a recreational jazz class. Instantly she knew dance was something she wanted to pursue the rest of her life. Sheer desire, commitment, passion, and work ethic allowed Sofia to improve at an accelerated rate. This hard work translated into multiple award-winning dance performances. For the first three years of her career she was enthralled with the competition world; it wasn’t until mid 2018 when she truly discovered her love for modern movement and ballet after being offered a spot on VSC.

Sofia enjoys spending her summers in the studio through intensives— including Visceral’s of course— in order to hone her skills and continue learning and growing as a dancer. It was actually during one of these intensives that she first discovered the incomparable world of Visceral. There was something different about the studio that drew Sofia to the creative and ultra-passionate movement, deeper meaning, professionalism, and incredible training present. After the 2018 summer intensive, she knew that this was the place she should be, but had no idea that her dreams of dancing on VSC would actually come alive.

Being on this team for a year has completely changed Sofia’s life for the better, and she couldn’t even imagine what her world might be without it. It has opened up so many doors to her biggest dreams, and has allowed her to be more ambitious than ever before. For her, Visceral Studio Company is still, and always will be, such a huge dream come true, and she can’t wait to continue working hard, making the most of every second she has at Visceral.

At the current age of 14, she is beginning her second year on Visceral Studio Company. For Sofia, the past year on VSC has been a whirlwind of only the most amazing emotions, experiences, opportunities, and breakthroughs possible.  For this, she absolutely couldn’t be more thankful. Sofia says the decision to be on this team is the best one she’s ever made, and that it is a true blessing, honor, and great fortune that she is able to claim a spot on this stand-out team for another unbelievable year. An immense “Thank you” goes out to Nick Pupillo for allowing Sofia to partake in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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