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“Visceral Dance Chicago breathes life into the Chicago arts community with their ability to intertwine complex human emotions with the raw beauty of dance and physical movement."

-Chicago Stage Standard


Visceral Dance Chicago has been engaging and connecting our artists with audiences since 2013. Celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary, Visceral Dance is a national and internationally recognized driving force in contemporary dance founded and led by Artistic Director, Nick Pupillo.


This company exemplifies his daring vision to explore the infinite possibilities of contemporary movement and present the best of emerging, established, and innovative choreographers. The company is recognized for its exceptional technicality, diversity, versatility, and daring athleticism. 


Visceral Dance has been praised for its accessibility in programming by presenting dynamic performances that appeal to a wide range of audiences. In Chicago, Visceral Dance performs over 25 times a year and provides educational programming - expanding their reach while ensuring dance and art is accessible to all communities.


Our Mission

To create work that is meaningful and powerful, that confronts us and connects us in a transformative way.

To this end, Visceral is constantly pursuing a deeper focus of intent that will transcend into the next step of contemporary dance. Not only is Visceral focused on execution of tremendous technique, but also on exploring the genuine and real quality of the human being through the dancer.


We strongly believe in creating personal connections to our audiences, choreographers, and with other artists we share the stage.

“Such an astounding ability to communicate the inner-workings of the human soul…It is a rare gift to be able to speak to and command an entire room without physically saying a word and for that Visceral Dance Chicago should be commended.”


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Visceral Dance is committed to inclusion and equity, understanding that only through diversity can we become a strong, united, thriving, creative organization.  Fidelity to our mission is seen through the integration and collaboration of music, choreographers, dancers, and staff; all ethnicities, identities, cultures, and perspectives. Through the arts Visceral strives to remove barriers and increase allyship, awareness, respect, and appreciation, of and for all voices, especially those marginalized or silenced by the perceived norms of society.


Visceral Values:

  • Being representative and respectful of all communities.

  • All voices are heard, valued, and recognized.

  • Inclusivity through the arts where Dance is a powerful source of expression and viewed as a reflective, interactive tool for promoting healing, compassion, collaboration; representing all without regard to identity,  age, gender, race, physicality or ethnicity.



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