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Visceral Dance Chicago and Chicago Philharmonic

NICK PUPILLO              Choreographer

SCOTT SPECK               Conductor

By overwhelming demand, Chicago Philharmonic and Visceral Dance Chicago bring to Skokie the acclaimed reimagining of Dostoyevsky’s story of redemption and renewal, The Dream.

A man, disillusioned with the world and humanity, contemplates ending his life; but a little girl tugging at his sleeve, as distant to him as the twinkling stars in the sky, stirs something inside him. As he sleeps, he journeys far from Earth towards the children of the Sun, basking in their goodness. But his very presence corrupts their heaven and the bliss ends, the human emotions of jealousy, cruelty and guilt corrupting the innocent, angelic beings. Cast out from Utopia, the ridiculous man wakens with a renewed sense of purpose, a new love for the world and the humanity which inhabits it.

In this sensational production, which the Chicago Tribune called “a joy”, dance, literature and music converge to create an unforgettable experience. Approximate running time 1 hour (no intermission)

“I desire, I thirst in this moment to kiss, weeping tears, that very Earth which I left and I do not desire or accept life on any other.” –Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Dream of a Ridiculous Man

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