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Jimmy Weeden is originally from Indianapolis,IN where he found his love for dance and began his training in hip hop & many other street styles. In his hometown he competed with a local dance studio, worked as a halftime performance dancer for WNBA fever inferno, and was involved with the local dance community (teaching, learning, sharing personal work). Jimmy moved to LA in 2015 to further his training and career as a dance artist, where he later worked as a dancer (music videos, live performances) & professional teacher. He is a former Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, IDA Hollywood , EXPG LA - faculty member & hip-hop instructor at AMDA Performing Arts College. Jimmy is a world traveling teaching artist. He’s taught in several countries in Europe, United Kingdom and other countries such as: Russia & Peru. Jimmy grew close and got involved with the Chicago dance community during his travels and eventually made his way back to the Midwest, moving to Chicago in late 2019 where he continues his work as a dance artist and teacher of the local community.


Beginner/Intermediate Hip-Hop - focuses on the basics of hip hop dance & choreography. This class is an Introduction to foundation and street styles, with discussions on the history of hip-hop dance culture. Beginner/Intermediate level choreography. 


Adv Choreography - focuses on advanced stylized choreography that is influenced by a fusion of dance styles/genres such as Hip-hop, Contemporary, & street styles. 

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