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New Caledonia

Apprentice since 2023


Leslie Marfil started ballet at 7 years old in a little school in Noumea. At 18 years old, she was accepted at the International Dance Academy of Paris. There, she studied contemporary, modern dance, jazz and other dance styles, even theater and voice. She ended her studies with a state-register diploma of pedagogy in ballet and an artist-dancer diploma at the European Junior Ballet. It was a work-creation with Emmanuel Vignoulle that made her fall in love with contemporary dance. She began traveling in parallel with her course to increase her technique; Amsterdam for gaga classes, London, where she studied repertoire from Hofesh Shechter’s company members, and Brussels at PARTS where she studied repertoire from Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker.


 In 2022, she went to the United-States as a Trainee at Visceral where she received a contract before returning to Paris. At this moment, she joined the company “Maison M” as a freelancer with the project “EVE88" from Emmanuelle Soum. She has worked with Anthony Despras on his video project with Fauve Hautot, and did solo improvisation during a week-end at an exposition for Pamela Chemla.


In August 2023, Leslie began her new life in the U.S as a company member at Visceral Dance Company. She plans to continue dancing here, in Chicago, and maybe creating pieces!

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