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Lively Ballet class for adult and Pre-pro dancers of all disciplines, ballet, contemporary, tang, aerial and concert work, using the principles of classical technique to enhance each individual’s ability to perform musically, and maintain their technique.


MMe Peff, born in New York City trained with Margaret Craske, and at the School of American Ballet, and American Ballet Theatre School. She graduated from the famous High School of Performing Arts. She has been a ballet dancer, Broadway dancer, a choreographer, an actress and has directed musicals and stage managed dance performances.

A 4 decade professional career with ballet companies, in New York and Europe, in several dance disciplines, has given her an international knowledge of how the art form is accomplished/maintained at such a high standard.

She danced in the original company of Fiddler On The Roof for Jerome Robbins on Broadway.

MMe taught daily professional ballet class at Steps in New York for 30 years. 

She has coached professional ballet dancers, modern concert dancers, aerial dancers, partnering for all disciplines, and elite athletes.

She maintains a custom tutu building business called PeffPointe Tutus .
As a retired Feldenkrais Practitioner she takes private clients.

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