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"Hip Hop is not something you do, it’s something you live.”


Trae Turner is one of the most distinguished and highly regarded Hip Hop/Urban Contemporary instructors in the city of Chicago and the Mid West. He has been apart of the world renowned Hubbard Street Dance Chicago’s Lou Conte Dance Studio for ten years, as well as Columbia College, Visceral Dance Center, and The University of Chicago Columbia College. In 2013, Art Intercepts voted Trae as the 3rd Best Dance Teacher in Chicago. In addition to teaching, Trae has won numerous awards for performances and choreography such as Dance Chicago’s “Best Choreography Award” in 2012 and “Best Choreography Performance Award” in 2013. In 2008 Trae founded his own Hip Hop company, BOOM CRACK!, which also been awarded top honors at HHI, WOD, Prelude, and NHB. In addition, Trae has done choreography and artist development for numerous recording artists such as Kelis, Phenix Phenom, Andre McCray, Jess Godwin, r&b singer Kam, and teen sensation Yemi Marie. Trae has trained with some of the top choreographers in the world including: Marty Kudelka, Kevin Maher, Wade Robson, and Luam. Over his 13-year career he as opened for Ne-Yo, Rod Stuart, and Janet Jackson to name a few.


Trae prides himself on his hard work and dedication to training young dancers to be positive, hard-working professionals. "Hip Hop is not something you do, its something you live" is a statement that Trae Turner not only believes in, but lives by. It is this kind of open attitude and desire for his craft that makes Trae one of the top instructors and choreographers in the Mid West.


Monday Beginner/Intermediate Hip Hop 

Traes Beg/Inter class is perfect for the dancer who has some beginner training and looking to advance their training and gain hip hop knowledge. If you've taken some time way from dance this class will also help brush up on street style techniques, contemporary Hip Hop styles, or retention. A perfect mix of a challenge, and inspiration, this class is structured to focus on elements of dance that helps dancers progress. 



Friday Intermediate/Advanced Hip Hop 

This class is structured to train dancers to a professional level. The focus of this class is advanced street style techniques, musicality, retention, Hip Hop techniques and philosophies. There are multiple techniques, and dance musicality ideas blended into advanced choreography, and taught at an professional industry level. If your looking to push yourself, and advance your dance and Hip Hop training this is the class for you.

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