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Our Mini Movers Program is designed for our youngest movers ages 18months - 6 years.


This program helps students learn coordination, creativity and social skills in a supportive and fun environment.


Whether they're learning fun dances or making new friends through activities and dance related games, your dancer is sure to have a blast.

Visceral's Youth Summer Program runs July 8-August 17


Tuition is charged once upon registration. Auto pay enrollment is required.

Ages as of 6/17/24*




Move With Me 

Move With Me class is a 30 minute introduction to creative movement class for children 18 months to 2 1/2 years old. Parents will help their little dancers develop motor and coordination skills with the use of sing-along songs and props. This super fun class will help babies get familiar with a structured learning environment with the help of their parents or nanny.  


Creative Movement
2 ½ -4 years old
Introduces young dancers to the art of movement through imaginative games and stories.  Self discipline, self confidence and socialization are encouraged through rhythm, coordination and musicality.  This class emphasizes the FUN of dance.


Pre Ballet/Pre-Jazz
5-6 years old
This class teaches children the beginning fundamentals of ballet and jazz.  Ballet barre work, stretching, across the floor and center activities,
introduce technique and vocabulary.  


Pre Hip Hop
4-6 years old
Students will learn fundamental hip hop movements through across the floor and center combinations.  This high energy class will emphasize musicality, coordination, basic footwork, improvisation and style.  


Rhythm and Tap

This class is a great introduction to tap dance and music. Students learn to dance in a welcoming, inclusive environment that makes learning fun using songs and games to engage students' attention and memories. Students will learn music terminology and tap history as well as tap terms, as each class includes activities such as circle time, rhythm building/music theory, floor crosses, technique, freeze dance, and combinations. 


Pre Tap 
Whether your child is new to tap dance or has a few years of dance experience, this class is the perfect fit for students who love to move and be loud! Teacher Molly makes sure everyone's voice and feet are heard while they learn tap steps and terminology, deepen their knowledge by combining steps and using more complex rhythms, learn music terminology, and learn tap history. Each class includes activities such as warm up curated for safe dancing, across the floor combinations, technique, tap history story time, combinations and choreography, freeze dance, and music theory.


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