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With 5 levels, our youth training program is designed for beginners to intermediate/advanced dancers ages 7+.


Whether you are looking for one recreational class or to join our companies, we have a spot for you.

Visceral's Youth Summer Program runs July 8-August 17


Tuition is charged once upon registration. Auto pay enrollment is required.

Ages as of 6/17/24*

Class Descriptions 

Ages 7+
Ballet teaches the fundamentals of classical ballet.  Students will develop the strength and elegance of a ballet dancer, while learning discipline, classroom etiquette and the love of ballet.  It is a structured ballet class consisting of a full barre, center combinations and across the floor exercises; all emphasizing proper alignment, posture and technique.  


Pre Pointe
Ages 9+
Pre Pointe is designed for the serious ballet student aspiring to dance on pointe in the future.  Dancers must be enrolled in a minimum of two ballet classes per week to participate.


Ages 11+
Pointe is for the intermediate/advanced level ballet dancer. Dancers must be enrolled in a minimum of two ballet classes per week to participate. Do not sew pointe shoes until they are approved by instructor.  


Ages 7+
Jazz is a high energy class set to popular music that focuses on rhythm, isolations and style. Students will develop a foundation of basic jazz technique including jumps, pirouettes, across the floor progressions and stylized movement.

Contemporary Jazz 
Ages 7+
Contemporary Jazz is a lyrical jazz technique class with the challenge of contemporary musicality. This class will include a full warm up, across the floor progressions and center combination focusing on quality of movement and expression.



Ages 7+
Designed for the more creative spirit.  Level I modern will teach the fundamental concepts of space, time and energy through the practices of modern dance technique. This class will  focus on weight and suspension, fall and recover, strength and release.  


Ages 7+
This class is designed for students to learn floorwork, footwork, freezes and tricks. The movement will be broken down so students can practice the steps and stylize the movement. Strength is developed through conditioning exercises to prepare the dancers for the next level of hip hop.  

Hip Hop
Ages 7+
Level I/II hip hop will teach the fundamental moves of hip hop through across the floor and center combinations.  This high energy class with emphasize musicality, coordination, basic footwork, improvisation, strength building and style.



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